McIntosh Construction LLC

As we go through life’s little busy rush cycles, we always trend to do just that, Rush. We have to get there faster, we have to make sure that we don't miss that all important one time opportunity that awaits us, but what we are really doing is were forgetting the most important thing, Safety! We might not see a situation on the side of the road because of life’s little distractions, or we might think, oh, they’ve got plenty of room. What would your thoughts be if someone drove 70 mph within 4 foot of your front door, probably not to good? Now just think about all of the hard workers, whether if it would be construction workers, or an officer performing their duties. This is there front door. This is there second home, so please, do them and yourself a favor, slow down and move over, who knows, that just might be your friend or family member ahead on the side of the road, besides, IT'S THE LAW!
"Move Over! It's the Law"

"Paving the way to the Future"